REL Acoustics T-7i

1.000,00 €

Modulating scale, while never compromising quality, T/7i provides the speed and punch of the T/9i, scaled to integrate seamlessly with more modest yet still highly sophisticated systems.

Active Driver Size & Material

Passive Radiator Size & Material

Low Frequency Extention
Input Connectors
Output Connectors
Power Output
Amplifier Type
Wireless Capability
Protection System

Front-firing active driver, down-firing passive radiator
8in. (200 mm) long-throw, FibreAlloy inverted aluminium dust cap, steel chassis. White cone.
10in. (254 mm) long-throw, FibreAlloy inverted aluminium dust cap, steel chassis. Black Cone
-6dB at 30 Hz
Hi Level Neutrik Speakon, Low Level single phono, LFE phono
High Level, LFE, Low Level RCA
200 Watts (RMS)
Class AB
Arrow (Optional) Zero Compression Single LSI Chip

Fully Electronic Set Safe
D.C. Fault
Output Short
Mains Input Voltage


220-240 volts, 110-120 volts for certain markets
2 Amp semi delay 230 volts operation, 4 Amp semi delay 115 volts operation

W x H x D
Net Weight

12 x 14.3 x 15 in. (305 x 362 x 382 mm)
36 lbs. (16.3 kg)
High Gloss Black, High Gloss White, 5 coats

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